Damage 890
Armor 1100
Category Gold
Weapons Magic Scepter

Special Moves Edit

1.- Pyramid Slam: Anubis summons a pyramid and drops it on his opponent.

2.- Sandblast: Anubis conjures a sand twister to blast and electrocute his opponent.    

3.- Curse of the Underworld: Anubis summons dark powers to trap his opponent within a sarcophagus and impale them with many magical spears.

URF Legends Anubis

URF Legends Anubis

 Special AbilityEdit

Once per Fight, Anubis's ARMOR will regenerate for few seconds when his ARMOR is low.

Synergy Edit

Favorable Glitch: Chance for SP1 to be unblockable.

Synergy Team: Drakon/Double Duhh/Anubis.


Representing the oil rich kingdoms of the Middle East, the Royal families spared no expense in creating Anubis as one of the most powerful arena combat robots to walk the Earth. Themed heavily upon the ancient Egyptian god of the Underworld, Anubis is a fearsome opponent within the arena. When he appears, fans know they are in for a rare treat.