Damage 890
Armor 1100
Category Gold
Weapons Staf

Special Moves Edit

1.- Pyramid Slam: Anubis summons a pyramid and drops it on his opponent.

2.- Sandblast: Anubis conjures twin dust devils to blast and electrocute his opponent.    

3.- Curse of the Underworld: Anubis summons dark powers to trap his opponent within a sarcophagus and impale them with a thousand magical spears.

URF Legends Anubis

URF Legends Anubis

 Special AbilityEdit

Unlife Anubis's HEALTH, when less than 40%, will regenerate for 5 seconds, once per fight


Chance for SP1 to be unblockable

Synergy Team - Anubis/Drakon/Double Duhh


The Royal Sheik’s from a Middle East Kingdom wanted to join the robot fighting action with an undefeatable fighting robot. With riches at their disposal they created Anubis as one of the most powerful combat robots to walk the Earth. Anubis is a fearsome opponent within the arena. Like the ancient Egyptian god of the underworld, Anibus raises the wrath of the underworld and strikes menacingly using the powers of the earth. When Anibus rises from beneath the sands resurrecting evil powers it sends shivers of fear into those who see him.