Damage 1,000
Armor 900
Category Diamond Plate
Weapons Arm Swords, Gravitational Concussive Blast, Assassin/Ninja like leaping skill

Special MovesEdit

1.   Overthrow - Deadeyes shoves his wrist blades into the opponent's lower jaw then slams them to the ground.     

2.   Up Down Finisher - Deadeyes slashes the opponent, roundhouse kicks, then leaps onto the opponent and brutally jabs the blades into the opponents face several times.

3.    Warp Kill - Deadeyes uses his teleportation ability to overwhelm his target with a series increasingly powerful strikes.

Special AbilityEdit

Flawless Killer Dead Eyes's Normal Attacks do 40% more DAMAGE


Psi Punk/Dead Eyes/Onslaught – Teams SP1’s have a 20% chance to reduce enemy power by 5%


Ghost Face's success warranted a more powerful and deadly variant code named, Dead Eyes.  His power armor differentiates from Ghost Face in that the damage of his base melee attacks have been greatly increased.