Damage 1,000
Armor 900
Category Diamond Plate
Weapons Arm Swords, Gravitational Concussive Blast, Assassin/Ninja like leaping skill

Special MovesEdit

1.- Overthrow - Dead Eyes shoves his wrist blades into the opponent's lower jaw then slams them to the ground.     

2.- Up Down Finisher - Dead Eyes slashes the opponent, roundhouse kicks, then leaps onto the opponent and brutally jabs the blades into the opponents face several times.

3.- Warp Kill - Dead Eyes uses his teleportation ability to overwhelm his target with a series increasingly powerful strikes.

Special AbilityEdit

Dead Eyes's Normal Attacks do 40% more DAMAGE.


Psi Punk/Dead Eyes/Onslaught – Teams SP1’s have a 20% chance to reduce enemy power by 5%.


Ghost Face's success warranted a more powerful and deadly variant code named, Dead Eyes.  His power armor differentiates from Ghost Face in that the damage of his base melee attacks have been greatly increased.

Trivia Edit

  • You can see the Ambush arms of Gold grade from Real Steel: Champions on him, and also a Fraust (probably) head from that game is also seen on him.