Damage 1000
Armor 1050
Category Gold
Weapon Fire

Special MovesEdit

1. Tooth and Claw

Drakon savages his opponent with powerful talons

2. Wing and Tail Edit

With powerful talons, Drakon tosses his target high into the air before blasting it with a fireball.

3. Dragon's WrathEdit

Drakon unleashes his full draconic fury upon his opponent.

Special Ability Edit

Dragon Fire SPECIAL causes BURN DAMAGE for 5 seconds.       

A normal attack combo causes Burn Damage for 3 seconds        

Synergy Team Edit

Anubis/Drakon/Double Duhh       

Chancefor SP1 to be unblockable       

Robot Biography Edit

A wealthy Romanian businessman, whose family crest is a dragon, contracted the top robotics company in the world to create Drakon, the world’s first dragon robot.  Drakon is humanoid in form but fights like a dragon using claws, breath weapons, and is capable of flight.  It is among the most exotic and thrilling robots. 

It is believed that the creator of the robot was a descendant from the clan which protected these creatures. The knowledge about these powerful creatures was passed on from one generation to another through the ages. Based on these secrets the robot was designed to have ancient powers associated with fire with capability of rampaging everything it crosses.                      

Trivia Edit

  • Drago is the Real Steel version of him. He is extremely reminiscent, but no wings.