• Duhh
  • Armor:300
  • Category:Bronze

Special Moves Edit

1.Bonk-Duhh Pounds his opponent savagely twice.

2.Bigger Bonk-Duhh does Bonk with a slow but a still powerful elbow drop at the end.

3 Spin Bomb-spins punching his opponents many times and then jumps on him and uppercuts him to finish he/she off.After that Duhh gets up and farts on his opponent

Special Ability Edit

Once Per Fight Duhh Deals 15% increased Damage for 6 seconds when his Armor is Less than 50%

Synergy Edit

Duhh is Not Part of Any Synergy Team

Biography Edit

The Grandson of the Largest shipping company in the world didn't have any friends,but he did have a giant cargo robot as childhood friend he nicknamed"Duhh".When this Grandson took over the Company and became the Grandfather himself he decided to share "Duhh" with the rest of the world."Duhh" was turned into an arena bot to appeal to younger audiences.Kids collect his action figures to this today.