"This robot was deemed too dangerous for police use after a weakness in its friend or foe recognition software resulted in 44 casualties upon its first live demonstration. The surviving board members decided that this robot would provide more profit in robot arena combat. The robot was named "Forty IV."" - Official URF Description

Forty IV is a Silver Card robot with overall balanced stats leaning towards damage. He can synergise with Hanzo and Myrmillo for Hyper Regeneration which increases their armor regeneration by 15%


Base Damage: 400 Armor: 300 Level: 1 Rank: BASIC

Max Damage: 3916 Armor: 3382 Level: 15 Rank: ELITE 5

Cost: 180 Gold or 30000 Digipoints

Special Assaults:

Concussive Take Down: Forty IV performs four punches to the knees of his opponent then throwing a strong one handed punch towards the enemy's chest.

Kick Blast: Forty IV demonstrates the opponent with a punch-shove followed by front flip kick then finally a single tasing blast to the opponent's face.

Death From Above: Forty IV tase-stuns the opponent to the ground then afterwards he leaps into the air sending down multiple giant fist punches downwards he comes back down, ending with a very strong low blow kick to his fallen victim.