Damage 260
Armor 160
Category Bronze
Weapons Massive Fists, Gravitational Concussive Blast, Assassin/Ninja-Like Leaping Skill

Special Moves Edit

1.- Aerial Blast - Ghost Face uppercuts his opponent and throws a concussive shockwave at them.

2.- Up Down Finisher - Ghost Face hits the opponent several time, uppercuts them into the air and then slams them back into the ground.

3.- Warp Kill - Ghost Face uses his teleportation ability to overwhelm his target with a series increasingly powerful strikes.

Secial Ability Edit

Ghost Face's Normal Attacks do more DAMAGE.

Synergy Edit

Ghost Face is not part of any Synergy Team.

Biography Edit

Developed for covert operations that relied on hand to hand combat and stealth, the Ghost Face program was cancelled due to budget cuts. However, this didn't stop a key Senator from continuing the Ghost Face program into the private market where its martial prowess can be demonstrated.