Kaotika is a mom like robot and calm and peaceful that likes to keep all boys and all girl robots in check and organized.

Focused Kaos: Kaotika uses telekinesis to focuse on her by releasing her Kaos orbs through the opponent's chest she punches the opponent in the face.

Unstable Kaos: Kaotika telekinetically elevates the opponent with the two Kaos orbs then she absorbs it into a energy ball.

Unleashed Kaos: Kaotika collects and throws all of the Kaos orbs into her opponent's torso therefore causing them to become electrocuted with all of the Kaos orbs energy being collected inside of them then afterwards the still dead and lifeless body of the opponent is dangling then being telekinetically lifted by Kaotika then her opponent is covered in a bubble and Kaotika uses all of her in the previous attacks and throws it at her opponent with a tremendous amount of blasting energy and power out of her chest meanwhile her two Kaos orbs from the earlier attack comes back and returns to Kaotika and pops back out of the dead,lifeless body of the opponent that once fell to the ground of the earth.