Damage 950
Armor 800
Category Gold
Weapons Sword & Shield

Special MovesEdit

1.   Spinning Slam - Khan flattens his opponents with a tremendous shield slam.

2.   Backslash - After knocking his opponent off balance, Khan delivers a savage spinning back slash with his sword.

3.   Wrath of Khan - Khan smashes and slashes his opponent in a series of brutal attacks.

Special AbilityEdit

Sapping Strike makes successful Light combo have a chance to cause power drain


Shaoshi/No Joke/Khan - Increase Teams Armor by 30%

Khan - Ultimate Robot Fighting

Khan - Ultimate Robot Fighting


India’s largest company joined the world wide sport of robot arena combat with Khan, a robot inspired by the ancient Mughal Empire.  Unlike repurposed robots, Khan was designed specifically for arena combat with the most advanced robotic weaponry money could buy.  The result is a robotic warrior with unsurpassed martial skill and showmanship.   Some fans even worship him as a sacred reincarnation of a warrior God who destroyed all evil in another era. Such is the power of this Ultimate Robot.