Damage 900
Armor 1000
Category Gold
Weapons Hammer, Cannon, Jack in the box & Balloons

Special MovesEdit

1.   Ballon Blast - No Joke fires a salvo of balloons at his opponent's face.     

2.   BOO! - No Joke introduces his opponent to the "Jack in the Box."  

3.   Big Top Boom - No Joke fires a few shots from his cannon with his giant mallet before smashing it  all at his opponent.

Special AbilityEdit

‘Punked!’ enables No Joke to  make opponent take more DAMAGE whenever No Joke Blocks an attack

Synergy TeamEdit

1. Shaoshi/No Joke/Khan - Increase Teams Armor by 30%

2. No Joke/Kaotika/ Siegelord - Revive first character who dies


No Joke is an even more sadistic and insane upgrade from Mr Smashy.  The same sense of humor from the original designer shines through as No Joke reflects damage back at attackers each time he blocks an attack.