Damag 999999999999
Armor 99999999999
Category Free
Weapons Rocket Launcher, Mini Gun & Plasma Gun

Special MovesEdit

1.  Special Delivery - Obliterator demonstrates his shoulder cannon by firing multiple shots at his opponent then finishes off several rockets exploding them.

2.   All Out Assault -bunches of missiles come from the air and his shoulder gun and blasts crushes target completely.

3.   Full Assault -takes his full arsenal out and shoots the target many times and all huge missiles comes down on the opponent. 

Special Ability Edit

With Pre-emptive Assault, Obliterator Starts with 2 Special Bars


Obliterator/Red Sun/Derby girl - Decreased Opponent's power Regeneration 

Biography Edit

The commercial success of Onslaught drove its creators decided to push the envelope with their new model, Obliterator, which has double the firepower and a devastating first strike capability that makes him the best option as the first robot in 3 VS 3 fights.