Damage 950
Armor 850
Category  Gold
Weapons MiniGun 

Special MovesEdit

1. First Strike - Onslaught usa su cañón de hombro para dispararle a su oponente.

2.terremoto - Onslaught da un gran pazo y se abre una grieta en la tierra asciendo que su oponente caiga y que se cierre la grita         

3.   Full Assault - Onslaught humiliates his opponent. He punches his opponent, rapidly fires his shoulder cannon at his opponent, then shoves his hands into their ribs then throws them across the arena. He then summons a missile launcher and fires the missiles as the missiles storm on the opponent.

Special AbilityEdit

With Pre-emptive Attack, Onslaught Starts with 1 SPECIAL BAR

Synergy TeamsEdit

1.   Psi Punk/Dead Eyes/Onslaught - All SP'1s have a 20%  chance to reduce enemy power by 5%

2. Osiris / Oblileator / Onslaught Embestida - Disminuye la armadura de los equipos oponentes en un 30%


Onslaught was developed specifically for arena combat by former members of a robotic weapons development firm.  Staying true to their roots, this development team created a “no frills,” rough and ready, “jar head” personality within a arena combat robot.  The result is a tough robot that’s full of heart, loves a great fight, and wins the crowd over every time.