Damage 1050
Armor 1050
Category Gold
Weapons Staff

Special MovesEdit

1. Great  Reaper of Osiris - Osiris hangs his opponent in egypt and uses his staff on him  

2.   Mark of Osiris - Osiris directs coils of dark energy to constrict his opponent.

3.   Curse of the Underworld - Osiris summons dark powers to trap his opponent within a sarcophagus and impale them with a thousand magical spears.

Special AbilityEdit

Osiris uses ‘Underworld Power!’ to give Special 1 and Special 2 a 25% chance not to use any Power

Synergy TeamsEdit

1.   Osiris/Tripocalypse/Onslaught - Decrease Opponent teams Armor by 30%

2.   Thraex/Tripocalypse/Osiris - Special Damage is increased by 20%


Anubis’s phenomenal success inspired the royal families of the Middle East to create Osiris, an impressive robot of such hyper-advanced design that it can randomly execute special attacks without consuming power.  This allows Osiris to execute consecutive special attacks knocking out all but the most powerful opponents.   The god of afterlife, …