Damage 1100
Armor 850
Category Gold 
Weapons Energy Katanas, Telekinesis

Special MovesEdit

1.   SakazukigotoEdit

Oyabun hurls 2 energy katanas for a quick strike

2.   Kobun's ReminderEdit

Oyabun uses telekinesis to disorient and stun the target as he slashes the target 3 times with his energy katanas.

3.   Oyabun’s DecreeEdit

Oyabun unleashes his full arsenal, the target witnessing unstoppable fury.

Special AbilityEdit


When Oyabun deals a KNOCKOUT blow, he gains 30% of his POWER


Martyr Blessing

Any allies KNOCKOUT will give 10% health to the remaining tea Synergy Team:  Oyabun/Uhuru/Shaoshi

 Robot Biography Edit

Oyabun is the ultimate Samurai built to deliver deadly piercing attack with multiple mono-molecular edged katana blades. Along with the hyper-alloy chassis and advanced combat wetware you can say it’s an agile Japanese fortress. 

Made to be the henchman of the Yazuka, Oyabun has a fearsome aura. A look into the deep green eyes will send a shiver down the spine. Oyabun’s ancient Samurai spirit in the arena captures fans the world over with exciting warrior moves.