Damage 850
Armor 650
Category Gold
Weapons Own Body

Special MovesEdit

1.   Psi-Strike - Psi-Punk channels her rage into a powerful strike against her opponent's chest.

2.   Backhand Blast - A few powerful back fist strikes precede a powerfully charged uppercut that knocks Psi-Punk's opponent flat out.        

3.   Psi-Rage - Psi-Punk unleashes her full rage against her opponent.

Special AbilityEdit

Psi-Drain - Once per Fight, when Psi Punk's health is 50% or less, all her normal attacks have LIFESTEAL for 10 seconds



All SP'1s have a 20% chance to reduce enemy power by 5%

Synergy Team: Psi Punk/Dead Eyes/Onslaught


Psi Punk was designed by a legendary female cyberpunk hacker who was never accepted for who and what she was.  She poured all her rage into the design of this robot, from the savage combat system to the ruthless behavioral chip. The result is the most violent and ruthless of all robots within the arenas, and the fans absolutely love her for this.