Red Shit is of the world's most Obese, fattest, dirtiest, and shittiest shit robots ever in the history of all history and shit toilets.

Furious Shit Dump: Red Shit shows his opponent the way of his shit, original shit and shit followed by with a fatass sitdown And shits on their ass.

Shit Stomp: Red Shit absorbs all of his shit and turns it into an earthquaking shit stomp, causing a giant shit wall to appear out of the ground and shits on the opponent's lower jaw and face.

Shit Storm Strike:Red Shit brutally the smacks the opponent's shit followed by with an unexpected full shit rage of Red Shit's shit dump, shitting left and right and by shit sitting on top of the opponent riding it with a powerful left shitstain with Red Shit's left shit being rancid and shat at that last part of the robots testicles.