Damage 800
Armor 1200
Category Gold
Weapons Staff

Special MovesEdit

1.   First Lesson:Shaoshi demonstrates his opponent to karate with a harshful grab and a multiple pinwheel slap to the lounging punch to end it with.            

2.   Master's Gift:Shaoshi gifts his opponent with a surprising knee to the face also a double twin chest to head punch then ending it with a Fist and Foot to the back of the opponent's back.           

3.   Enlightenment:Shaoshi brings an excellent performance and more than several hits of his neon blue colored staff and ends with a quick front flip back staff slap to the opponent's back.

Special AbilityEdit

Inner Strength - Shaosi's POWER increases even when he blocks


1.   Shaoshi/No Joke/Khan - Increase Teams Armor by 30%

2.   Oyabun/Uhuru/Shaoshi - Any allies KNOCKOUT will give 10% health to the remaining team

Shaoshi - Ultimate Robot Fighting

Shaoshi - Ultimate Robot Fighting


Named after the central peak of Mount Song, one of the sacred mountains of China, where legend says the first Shaolin monastery was built,  Shaoshi exhibits the humility that monks are known for that deceptively hides his immense power and strength.  Foes foolish enough to underestimate Shaoshi are sent to the junk pile.