Damage 730
Armor 1070
Category  Gold
Weapons Sword

Special MovesEdit

1.   The Grim Blade - Siege lord backstabs his opponent with his sword

2.   Death Slash - Siege Lord delivers 3 powerful strikes with his claymore heavy sword before putting it through his enemie's gut.        

3.   Oath of the Moment - Siege Lord demonstrates why he's master of the heavy sword.

Special AbilityEdit

Intervention - When an ally reaches 20% HEALTH, Siege Lord gives them a shield that makes them INVULNERABLE for 3 seconds


No Joke/Kaotika/ Siegelord - Reivive first character who dies


Stronghold made a powerful statement with his special armoring ability so a new robot was built to amplify this effect.  Boasting even more armor capability than Stronghold, Seige Lord easily overpowers most of the edvanced robots