Damage 770
Armor 920
Category Gold
Weapons Gladius & Shield

Special MovesEdit

1.   Decapitator - Thraex energizes his spike and executes a perfect spinning back slash to his opponent's neck. 

2.    Back Slice - Thraex bashes his opponent off balance before sliding behind him and putting a blade through the torso.

3.    Crowd Pleaser - This finisher was made to impress the great Emperors of Rome.

Special AbilityEdit

With Vae Victus! When Tharex deals a KNOCKOUT blow, he gains 20% of his HEALTH


Thraex/Tripocalypse/Osiris - Special Damage is increased by 20%


Thraex, the most powerful and imposing incarnation of the Roman gladiator themed robots, has the ability to gain 20% of his total health back upon knocking an opponent out of the arena.  If played right, his increased maximum upgrade limit combined with his passive skills makes him incredibly difficult to defeat.