Damage 900
Armor 900
Category Gold
Weapons Body 

Special MovesEdit

1.   Primal Impaler - Tri-Pocalypse uppercuts the target into the air then impales the target fallen on him as he throws them off.

2.   Extiction Event   - (This move is extremely similar to Tri-Gore's "Dino Charge" special move.) Tri-Pocalypse throws the target across the arena as he brutally executes a deadly elbow drop.

3.   Primordial Slam- body slams the opponent several times and finishes he/she off by slamming the opponent with its head

Special AbilityEdit

Primordial Rage - For each ally robot that has been KNOCKED OUT, Tri-Pocalypse gains 20% damage to all his attacks

Synergy TeamsEdit

1. Thraex/Tripocalypse/Osiris - Special Damage is increased by 20%       

2. Osiris/Tripocalypse/Onslaught - Decrease Opponent teams Armor by 30%


Tri-Pocalypse is bigger and badder than Tri-Gore in every way.  His true power lies in his ability to gain strength each time an ally is knocked out.  Save him for last in every match and he'll always bring home the wins.