Damage 1540
Armor  1245
Category Gold
Weapons Blades

Special MovesEdit

1.   Freedom Call -Uses his blades to uppercut the opponent    

2.   Pain of Truth -Slices his opponent many times with his wrist blades five times    

3.   Jah’s Justice -spins, hitting his opponent repeatedly and then finishes he/she off by slam dunking the opponent  

Special Ability Edit

Freedom Roar makes Uhuru gain 20% of his Power, whenever the opponent tag's out.

Synergy TeamsEdit

1.   Oyabun/Uhuru/Shaoshi - Any allies KNOCKOUT will give 10% health to the remaining team   

2.   Uhuru/Star Fighter/Stronghold - AI's special damage is decreased by 15% 

Biography Edit

Uhuru is Swahili word for freedom.  However, this robot was created and used by the oil-rich states of Africa for the purposes of urban pacification until a legendary hacker turned them against their masters.  Now the last robot, Uhuru, stands as a symbol of freedom and independence in its most anarchist form.  As such, he earns respect from fans and foes alike.Uhuru is the second strongest robot in URF